Giovanna Caruso was born in Forli (ltaly), studied in Ravenna at Liceo Artistico.

Since 1983 she is based in Kathmandu, travels and works in Asia (and other continents).


Giovanna Caruso e' nata in Italia ,ha studiato a Ravenna al Liceo Artistico.

Dal 1983 vive a Kathmandu,viaggia e lavora in Asia ed altri continenti.




The works of the multi-faceted Giovanna Caruso are visual carnivals: festive, colorful and utterly delightful. They are startling bursts of energy, perceptive and expressive, and make bold and gratifying statements about both her country of originr, Italy, and her country of residence, Nepal. Her influences are myriad: understood, felt and recognized over decades but absorbed in the most significant of fashions.

Giovanna's artistic merit is undeniable. The exoticism of her colour sensibilities, her boundless exploratory energy and her innovative use of technique are all hallmarks of a vivid aesthetic sense which is individual as well as social. Her work is detailed and intricate and conveys a sense of rapture which delights even the most casual of viewers. There is also a feeling of opulence free of depressing or trourbling subject matter and a deeply feminine tenderness which is, nonetheless, obstinately and fiercely independent. The effect is one of scintillating iridescence. The works convey a rare dynamic vitality which transcends mere colour harmony and form. The juxtaposition of varied motifs ranging from masked Venetian noblemen to venerable Hindu deities represents a new sensibility achieved through synthesis. The consciously cosmopolitan element in Giovanna's art has a curious magical power which is nostalgic yet infinite: unforgettable movements of aspects of existence.

This independent spirit together with a poetic vision born in a distant land manifests itself ip dream-like imagery which brings to mind ancient myths and folklore. The intimacy of simple Iife and sense of the pictoresque together produce images of quality which are varied but uniformly extravagant. This is art of clarity and precision which embodies expressiveness and energy while seeking meaning beyond appearances. It has been argued that, on occasion, Giovanna's art is overly decorative and lacking in profudity. This is to miss the point entirely. When faced with incandescent Ioveliness does the viewer need to descend into the Ianguage of symbolic discourse? Her colours have their own evocative power and are dazzling, honest and unfailingly romantic.

Giovanna takes very clear that she has trained not just her eye but also her soul to understand the process of creation. Her work is frenzied, each image conveying a different facet of her indefatigable imagination and multifarious experiences. Along with a strong element of fantasy there is also great stylistic originality. The overall effect is striking, combining reality and mystery within a liberated space and also articulating fundamental human sensibilities. Each image is an exploration of a poetic idea, rising above space and form but allowing the outer world to fllter through.

Giovanna engages with what she sees around her, focusing on universal themes such as love, beauty and creation. The equilibrium between setting and figure is of equal importance. Her representation of the human form and the complex spatial and psychological relations between her figures can be interpreted on a variety of levels.This is an artistic voice comfortable with silence, untroubled by the pointless demands of creative trends. Hers is a process of continuous self-evaluation and discovery which, at times. transcends the creative process and leads to much more than mere visual stimulation.

Anirudh Chari


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