About Giovanna Caruso

Giovanna Caruso was born in Forlì and studied in Ravenna, obtaining her diploma from the famous Liceo Artistico ,where she trained and studied with renowned and eminent artists of the Ravenna School such as Bocchini, Naglia, Ruffini and Fabbri. She then passed the esami di abilitazione for the teaching of design, history of art, technical design and perspective.

After the birth of her two children, she spent several years as a teacher following the methodology of Ceccato (the father of Italian cybernetics) and Parini and was left with little time for painting. She then quit her teaching job and after her first long holiday in India and Nepal, decided to move to Asia, creating for herself an entirely new style which combined the classical experience of the past with the exotic and colourful reality she encountered in her travels across the world. Giovanna describes herself as a ‘nomadic artist’ and is also a voracious reader as well as an aficionado of horror films.

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